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I am using facial set. Is it normal that I get more breaktouts while using the set now for days?

With proper care and handling, your purging should last only for a couple of weeks and then you can continuously see the positive results. Some may experience it far longer. There is no shortcut to this. Just be consistent if you want to see change in your skin. It takes a bit of patience, effort and NATHINA SKINCARE PRODUCTS to bloom.

There are weeks when I get clear skin and then all of a sudden I break out really bad? What is the solution to this?

All or skin care line is formulated using safe active ingredients and is FDA approved. We got you covered.

Should I use Nathiña Set if I have active pimples?

After using the Toner - It is advised not to go out and expose yourself to the sun. This is a crucial stage where your skin is starting to renew and slough off dead skin cells. Use the gel cream sunblock for added protection.

Do we have to apply sunscreen every 2 hours even if we are just at home?

Do we have to apply sunscreen every 2 hours even if we are just at home?

What can you recommend for deep acne scars?

Our BRIGHT FACE KIT is recommended for ice pick marks and or deep seated scarring caused by acne. Our formulation is infused by rich skin moisturizing vitamins that aims to smoothen and even out your skin. It also contains collagen that improves your skin structure while promoting the healing of your scars.

Which products can we use for Dark underarms?

Both are formulated with whitening actives that can exfoliate your dry underarm skin making it smooth and odor free. We recommend that you use both products for faster results. Just be consistent.

Any treatment for underarm odor?

Say goodbye to dark armpits and raise your arms with the confidence. Wonder no more!


The use of Nathiña Skin Essentials will enhance your hygiene routine. Our luxurious products are formulated with all-natural ingredients that produce observable outcomes. Treat yourself to the ultimate hygiene experience and unleash your complexion’s true potential.